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Exit & Emergency Lights

Exit & Emergency Lights

Exit and Emergency lighting provides lighting  to safely exit a building when the normal lighting has failed as a result of a power failure. Exit and emergency lights are fitted with a battery, which is kept charged whenever the mains power is applied to the light. They are required to provide light for at least 90 minutes after a power failure.

There are two general categories of lighting :

 Exit signs Are permanently illuminated and need to be clearly visible to indicate the route to be taken to exit a building. They are required to indicate the “Egress path” route to a final exit or evacuation point.

  Emergency lights are installed at regular intervals around a building to illuminate the egress paths out of the building. 

 The National Construction Code (NCC) in Australia and the New Zealand Building codes determine the requirements for type and placement of exit and emergency lights within a building. All lights must meet Australian Standard AS2293