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Emergency Exit Lights

When it comes to offering high-quality LED exit and emergency lighting options on your next project, look no further than Lawell Lighting. As one of Australia’s top wholesale lighting suppliers, we stock a wide range of commercial exit lights. Our collection includes basic, standard and premium-style universal exit lights, self-testing, recessed and blade exit lights, as well as weatherproof, ceiling-mounted mounted and wall-mounted exit signs. All of our emergency lights and exit signs are SAA and Australian Standards approved, meaning they meet the Australian standards for safety. View our range of LED exit lights.

What are Emergency Exit Signs?

An LED emergency exit sign is most commonly used in a public or commercial building to direct people to the nearest exit point in the event of a power outage, fire or incident. They are an important part of a building’s emergency evacuation plan and are required by Australian building codes and safety regulations. Featuring a green pictogram of a running man, they should always be highly visible in doorways, stairways, above ramps, around corners and along corridors and escape routes.

Here at Lawell Lighting, our exit signs are fitted with high-powered lithium batteries. They will provide light for a minimum of 90 minutes after a power failure to ensure everyone can leave the area safely.

Types of LED Emergency Exit Lights

There are three main types of emergency & exit lights:
  1. Sustained Exit Lights: These lights have two lamps, but only one lamp works at a time. One is powered by the mains, the other is activated when the mains fails.
  2. Maintained Exit Lights: These lights have only one lamp which stays on at all times. If the power fails, it switches to a battery-powered output.
  3. Non-Maintained Exit Lights: These lights are not illuminated and will only turn on if the power fails.

Exit Light Benefits

Our industrial-grade exit lighting solutions come with many technological advantages and safety features, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • Energy saving: Exit lights run on low power consumption when in standby mode, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • Long lifespans: A single LED exit sign lasts for up to 50,000 hours and comes with a 2 to 3-year warranty.
  • Safe viewing distance: Emergency exit lights must be visible. All of our lights come with a minimum viewing distance of 24 metres and a maximum of 40 metres.
  • Easy installation & maintenance: An LED exit light comes with a quick-fit bracket and a large terminal block with cable entry. This means they are easy to install and simple to test once in use.
  • Flame retardant: The body of an exit sign is made out of sturdy polycarbonate. In the event of a fire, it will not ignite or melt.