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About Lawell Lighting

Company History

ZW Lighting (trading as Lawell) was established in Australia in 2016, with the aim of bringing the range of high quality, commercial and emergency lighting manufactured by Goodwin Lighting onto the Australian market.

Goodwin lighting is based in Guang Dong, China and has a reputation for innovative, high quality products manufactured by its team of highly experienced lighting designers and production teams. Goodwin lights are exported to Australia, New Zealand, and a number of European countries. With a shared management team, Lawell and Goodwin maintain a very close working relationship.   

In 2020, the owners of ZW Lighting decided to expand the business by bringing new partners. The expanded company "Lawell Lighting Pty Ltd" aims to continue to expand the original Lawell business to become a major supplier to the Australian market. 



Company Objectives

Lawell Lighting will be a major lighting wholesale supplier to the Australian Electrical, Lighting and Fire Supply markets.

This will be achieved by leveraging the relationship with our principal supplier to provide high quality, innovative products at a reasonable cost to our customers. This will be supported by uncompromising local customer service.