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Tradelike Lighting Solutions

Lawell Lighting is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of high-quality and reasonably priced wholesale lighting products. We specialise in indoor & outdoor trade lighting options and sell direct to building and electrical contractors from our Sydney store. Our range includes everything from downlights & spotlights for residential homes to LED strip lighting & exit and emergency lighting for commercial and industrial buildings. View our wholesale lights and accessories online today!


Why Shop at Lawell Lighting?

We pride ourselves on being a trusted and reliable lighting wholesaler. Our customer service team are lighting experts who are always on hand to help you select the best solution for your project. Our products are multi-purpose and innovative, using the latest LED features to improve functionality. All lights are compliant with SAA safety standards and are thoroughly tested before they hit the shelves.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Emergency exit lighting systems are required by Australian law in public buildings. In the event of a power outage or incident, they will turn on for a minimum of 90 minutes to safely light an evacuation route. Australian standard emergency lighting products are primarily placed above stairwells, ramps, in doorways and along corridors, and they must always be visible from at least 24 metres away. Our fire safety exit signs, batten lights, spitfire emergency lights and oyster lights are perfect for illuminating car parks, fire stairs and industrial sites.

Domestic Lighting

Residential lighting is energy-efficient and cost-effective. From ambient lights in the bedroom to crisp colour temperatures in the kitchen, it’s about creating a mood and consistency. Our domestic LED downlights and oyster ceiling lights produce very little heat, making them safe to use in any room of the home. If you want to brighten an outdoor space, our motion sensor-activated spotlights are perfect. Install them on the front porch to light up the doorway and driveway or the back veranda to light up the backyard.

Commercial Lighting

Industrial lighting is all about making big spaces function better. Our commercial downlights are great for large retail stores and office buildings. LED floodlights are flexible lighting fixtures that can be used for anything outdoors, like lighting up stadiums and car parks. Our high bay LED lights are designed for industrial buildings with ceiling heights over 20ft, whilst our industrial LED strip lights and batten lighting options are perfect for warehouses and factories with long corridors. Our durable bulkhead lights are ideal to place around schools, hospitals and public transport stations for security.

Smart Home Lighting

Smart lights are a stylish and convenient way to upgrade the humble home. With voice controls and/or motion sensors enabled in any room of the house where a smart switch or bulb is located, homeowners can effortlessly move from space to space without lifting a finger. Items can also be activated via wifi and Bluetooth for an even more effortless and seamless solution. Our range of smart lighting products includes LED downlights, light strips, spotlights and video doorbells.