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Commercial Downlights

Illuminate your commercial projects with Lawell Lighting’s range of commercial LED downlights. These include fixed, dimmable, gimble and sensor varieties. Perfect for lighting retail and hospitality spaces, office buildings, industrial units and more. Our downlights come in an array of shapes and sizes to suit your clients’ space and enhance the overall architectural style, with cutouts from 90mm to 200mm and wattages from 12W to 40W. Our product range is available at your local electrical retailer or contact us directly for quality downlights.

View Our Range Of Wholesale Downlights

Upgrade your space and experience the Lawell Lighting difference – one of Australia’s most dedicated, wholesale lighting suppliers. Our LED-powered downlights are high-quality, cost-effective and energy-efficient, making them the perfect choice for all your commercial and industrial needs.

"The products electricians prefer"

An Array Of Downlight Styles

When working across a variety of spaces, flexibility is important. Different projects require different commercial lighting solutions, and our collection of adjustable downlights comes in many forms. We have dimmable LED downlights and LED colour-changing downlights to bring atmosphere to a space. We also have commercial recessed downlights, gimble downlights, COB downlights and a remote-controlled LED downlight with sensors (some of which are built-in) for hands-free, easy activation.

High-Quality Commercial Downlight LED Components

Lawell Lighting’s commercial downlights are made from highly durable, die-cast aluminium and come with constant current LED drivers. These drivers supply a carefully controlled current flow, reducing wear on the fixture and maintaining a reliable output. This method of power optimisation makes our downlights perfect for use in industrial and outdoor applications.

High Standards And Quality Control Assured

At Lawell Lighting, we are committed to delivering high-quality, low-failure-rate products to all of our customers. The strong partnership we have with our manufacturer means we can guarantee quality assurance and that all of our downlights have a two to three-year warranty and undergo thorough testing and certifications before they are available to purchase.

Cost-Effective Energy-Efficient LED Technology

Here at Lawell Lighting, our downlights feature advanced LED light modules. They are 80% cheaper to run than halogen lights and come with a powerful, bright light output and switchable tri-colour capabilities. Commercial downlights also help reduce our environmental footprint, consuming minimal power and containing no toxins. With a long lifespan (up to 50,000 hours), commercial LED downlights are less frequently replaced and less prone to blow-outs, making them a much more sustainable option than halogen downlights.

Moisture, Fire And Insulation Safe

All commercial LED downlights have IC or IP ratings. Our IC-4-rated lights are safe to come into contact with ceiling insulation. Operating at low temperatures, they won’t fade objects nearby and are more fire-resistant than halogen and fluorescent downlights. Our IP44 lights are protected against water and dust.