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How can I save money on my emergency and exit lighting?

How can I save money on my emergency and exit lighting?

17th Jul 2023

How can I save money on my emergency and exit lighting?

Exit and Emergency lighting provides illumination to guide people to safely exit a building when the normal lighting has failed as a result of a power failure.

When considering emergency and exit lighting for your premises you need to look at the costs of the design, installation and maintenance phases. Unlike most lighting one of the biggest considerations is in the maintenance phase because there are compliance requirements. Costs can be saved in all three phases. For example, if you get the design and installation right you’ll save money on the maintenance of the lighting.

As a category of lighting that helps save lives in emergencies like a fire or flood, quality and compliance are essential. It’s not an area where organisations can afford to scrimp or cut corners.

All exit and emergency lights are fitted with a battery, which is kept charged via the mains power constantly. They are required by law in all commercial and residential buildings in Australia, and to provide light for at least 90 minutes after a power failure.

Save money when designing and installing emergency and exit lighting

Emergency and exit lighting needs to be designed by experts who are fully across the regulations and compliance requirements of this specialty area.

The expert designer or engineer needs to incorporate the lighting within your existing building or new construction. The more complex your building set-up, the more time your engineers will need to factor into the design process, and therefore, the more it will cost.

However, if the system is designed well it can save you money in the long run on maintenance and replacement costs. If you use cheaper and poorer quality parts and equipment you will have to replace them more often and will be up for higher maintenance costs.

Buying quality emergency and exit lights will save you money in the long run. It’s not unusual for buildings to experience high failure rates during mandated half-yearly emergency lighting tests. These high failure rates are the result of using low-quality products. They might have low initial costs but with shorter lifespans, means they will need replacing more often and this will cost more in the long run for both lights and the labour to fit them.

Save money when maintaining emergency and exit lighting

Australian Standards AS/NZS2293 require that every six months, all exits and emergency lights must be tested to ensure they will run for 90 minutes on battery in the event of a power loss.

In many cases, the biggest costs associated with an emergency lighting system come from the required regular maintenance and testing. Inefficient testing and maintenance, especially of old systems that rely on manual processes cost more money. With a more modern system with automated testing and simple management, you can save.

Manual testing is just as it appears. A technician is required to perform a test to ensure the lights remain illuminated for 90 minutes without power.

A more efficient and cost-effective way to test is using automatic self-test lights like the Lawell Lighting Rambo Premium Universal Exit Light that still allows the system to be tested every six months. The lights run an automatic self-test and a technician undertakes a walkthrough within seven days to check the status of the LED indicators on each fitting. Each fitting will display a pass/fail result on the LED status indicator.

With automated testing, all the testing schedules can be programmed to test at the most convenient time, saving both time and money.

Save money by upgrading emergency and exit lighting

On paper, the expense of upgrading your emergency and exit lighting might look costly but technological developments in the lighting industry have come a long way in the last 10 or so years.

By upgrading your emergency and exit lighting you’ll gain longer-lasting battery systems, more efficient lighting, and access to automated testing and management. At Lawell Lighting we work with our distributors to ensure they have the knowledge and access to the latest products, as well as how they go together to form a system.

Why choose Lawell Lighting emergency and exit lights?

Lawell Lighting has a wide range of emergency and exit lights to suit many applications in Australia. Our R&D team is constantly improving our range and ensuring the latest technology is incorporated in our products. We work closely with our distributors.

Contact our team at or call us on (02) 8740 8936 to learn more.