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How do I choose the right smart lights?

How do I choose the right smart lights?

6th Jul 2023

How do I choose the right smart lights?

With smart lighting products, there are many brands on the market that can be controlled by different Apps and systems. The most basic smart lighting works with smart light bulbs that can have simple controls like on and off, right up to sophisticated smart systems that control lighting as well as many other appliances in the home.

The key thing to focus on when considering technology like smart lights is compatibility. It is important to choose lights and other appliances that can all be controlled together rather than separately.

At Lawell Lighting, we use the Tuya app and server making all our products compatible with major retailers like Bunnings and Beacon Lighting.

Before you consider installing smart lighting in your home you need to understand some basics, outlined below:

What is smart lighting?

When talking about ‘smart’ lighting the technology refers to ‘self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology’. At the most basic level, smart lighting systems are controlled remotely, usually via a phone or tablet app or computer. This works several types of wireless transmission like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to send and receive signals.

Using an app allows you to do much more than turn the lights on and off. You can also adjust the colour temperature of individual light bulbs or change the colour of them completely. Apps also help you pre-program lights switch on and off at specific times. This means you can activate your lights when you’re away on holiday to make it look like you’re home, to deter would-be burglars.

What are the benefits of smart lights?

Beyond being able to control your lights automatically and remotely there are a number of other advantages like dimming, energy efficiency, connectivity, automation and mood lighting.

Dimming without all the hassle

Traditional bulbs are controlled via a switch and to dim your lights you require a wired dimmer switch that needs to be installed by an electrician. Smart LED lights can be controlled including dimming via your app or other smart accessories.

Energy efficient smart LED bulbs

Smart LED bulbs use less energy because they generate less heat than original light bulbs and also last much longer.

Connect your whole home with smart technology

By using your smart lighting system with other connected devices like audio-visual equipment, heating & cooling appliances, you can create an entire smart home system.

Automate individual lights or groups

Individual lights or groups of lights can be controlled by using timers that automatically turn off all the lights at a specific time of configure your lights to turn on and off when you're not at home, mimicking your presence.

You can also use preset or customised light sequences to create ambiance for any occasion or requirement.

How do I control my smart lights and appliances?

Lawell’s smart lighting use the Tuya app and server. It is our preferred app because it is fully compatible with all the smart lights and switches from Bunnings Warehouse, and Australia’s biggest lighting retailer Beacon lighting.

The Tuya Smart app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. It allows users to:

  • Remotely control home appliances from anywhere
  • Add and control multiple devices
  • Use voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • Control multiple smart devices, and automatically start/stop them working based on temperature, location and time.
  • Easily share devices among family members
  • Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety
  • Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart app to devices.

Lawell’s smart lights use the Bluetooth mesh technology, which is highly effective when operating in your home. Unlike other wireless systems, Bluetooth systems remove the router or gatekeeper device from the system, using independent nodes. Instead of relying on a central control, if one node goes down, the system will redirect the message to its destination node through other devices.

Smart lights from Lawell

Lawell Lighting has a range of smart light products to suit many domestic applications in Australia. Lawell’s R&D team is constantly improving the range and ensuring the latest technology is incorporated in the product range, and the company works closely with its distributors.

Contact our team at or call us on (02) 8740 8936 to learn more.