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Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Lights for Your Home

Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Lights for Your Home

9th Oct 2023

Smart lighting is a broad term that encompasses everything from the most basic smart light bulbs, smart light switches, up to sophisticated smart home set-ups that control not only lighting, but many other appliances in your home. In this overview of smart lights, we’ll focus more on the full system set-ups that are used in homes, as well as commercial settings, in our ultimate guide to smart lighting. 

What are smart lights? 

The term ‘smart’ is used to describe plenty of tech devices that make our lives easier, from smart phones to smart TVs to smart cars. When it comes to smart lighting systems, they are those that are controlled remotely, saving time, energy and providing convenience. 

The signals for the smart lights work on several types of wireless transmission like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and both send and receive signals. 

What are the benefits of smart home lighting? 

The benefits of smart home lighting go well beyond just the ease of switching lights on and off, and include saving money, conserving energy, home security, integration, aesthetic appeal and customisation. 

Smart lighting will conserve energy and save you money because you can automate when lights switch on and off, when lights dim, and even change the colour of the lighting. 

Home security is another major benefit of smart lights, as you can operate lighting when you are not home to give the impression that you are home. You could be on the other side of the world operating your lighting system! 

Some people might call you lazy, but convenience is also a major benefit. You can stay seated on the couch and operate your lights. Beyond laziness, they are also perfect for those with mobility issues. 

Smart lights can be integrated into smart home systems, and all those components can be customised to meet your personal requirements.

How do smart lights work? 

Typically, wireless communication protocols like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are used to connect your lights to a smart device. You then use an app on a phone, tablet or computer, or even voice command to control the lights in your home. This can include turning lights on and off, but also adjusting the brightness, colour and more. 

How do I set up smart lighting control systems? 

If you’re looking for a smart light controller, you might consider a basic DIY setup, but if it’s more sophisticated you’ll need to employ a professional like a qualified electrician. The best way to operate a smart lighting setup is via a smart light control app like the Tuya smart app, that we use at Lawell Lighting. At Lawell we use the Tuya app and server because it is fully compatible with all the smart lights and switches from Bunnings Warehouse, and Australia’s biggest lighting retailer Beacon Lighting. Plus, it is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. 

What smart lights should be included? 

The good news is that there are plenty of lights that can be included in a smart lighting system like smart LED lights, smart spotlightssmart light with camera, and smart down lights. 

Smart down lights 

Down lights are very popular in both commercial and domestic applications in Australia. Smart down lights can be set up to work independently, or in groups. Many, like Lawell’s Alpha 13W Smart LED RGB/Bluetooth Downlight are dimmable and the colour can be adjusted. 

Smart strip light 

Smart LED strip lights are set on an adhesive backing, or use double-sided tape that can be stuck to any solid surface, and cut to any length. The Lawell Lighting strip lighting, the Smiggle 5m Smart RGB/Bluetooth LED Strip is a versatile product. 

Smart security light with camera 

Outdoor smart lights are popular because many of them turn off and on with a sensor, and often include a security camera. Smart outdoor lighting needs to be weather resistant, easy to install and ideally incorporate a sensor and camera. The Lin Twin Spotlight with Camera & Sensor from Lawell Lighting includes a high-resolution camera that allows users to record live video directly to a phone via the Tuya app, plus an advanced motion sensor detector. 

Other smart home devices 

Other smart devices like smart doorbells can also be incorporated into your home smart system. Lawell’s Ding Smart Door Bell allows you to answer the door from anywhere via your phone. Looking at another smart device? You can incorporate others including security systems, home appliances, audio equipment, and more. 

Lawell Lighting can help with smart lights 

Smart homes are the way of the future, so you need the best smart lights in your home to save you time and money. Lawell Lighting has the range and expertise to complement any smart home system, using the highly compatible Tuya smart light app. For more information about smart lights, contact Lawell Lighting’s expert team on 02 8740 8936.