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What’s the difference between LED Spotlights or Floodlights?

What’s the difference between LED Spotlights or Floodlights?

29th Jan 2024

As the name suggests, spotlight lighting provides a narrow ‘spot’ of light that illuminates the narrow area you wish to highlight, whereas floodlights provide a wide span of light and ‘flood’ the area with light.

This means they suit different applications depending on your specific requirements. Both can be used in residential and commercial settings.

What is a floodlight?

Floodlights provide artificial lighting for a wide space because they produce a broad beam of light. They are, therefore, used to light up large areas that require a wide coverage of light that regular lighting cannot provide.

Like most commercial and residential lighting, they are now primarily LED floodlights. LED floodlights are more energy efficient and longer lasting than their predecessors.

Best application of a floodlight?

They are used in residential and commercial lighting settings, although commercial lighting is more common.

Commercial floodlights like the LED floodlight range from Lawell Lighting and are commonly used for manufacturing facilities, landscape lighting, car parks, architectural lighting, work lighting, off-road lighting, and other locations where a wide distribution is needed.

The outdoor floodlight is very popular, but they are often used indoors to light up large areas with consistent illumination. They have the added safety benefit of providing a broad spread of light.

Commercial flood lights

As a leading lighting wholesaler, Lawell Lighting’s range includes three models of industrial floodlights commonly used in manufacturing facilities. This is because commercial LED floodlights cast a strong light beam across large spaces.

Lawell Lighting’s LED Floodlights 30w, 50w Tri-Colour IP65 come in two wattage levels and are tri-colour meaning they can be switched between Warm White, Cool White and Daylight light colour output.

What are spotlights?

LED Spotlights are most often used for accent lighting, where a concentrated beam of light is focused on a select area.

Best application of an LED spotlight?

Spotlights are used in commercial and residential applications and work well in any situation requiring strong accent lighting. Popular uses include accent lighting in homes, particularly the exterior spotlight, and interior lighting in museums, art galleries, retail stores, hotels and restaurants.

Residential spotlights with a narrow beam are popular for outdoor use. They are often twin lights with a sensor, making them effective security measures with bright, intimidating lighting. Twin outdoor spotlights fitted with motion sensors are ideal for the front entrance of a home, a carport, or the entertaining area in the backyard.

Residential spotlights

Lawell Lighting has a range of single and double LED outdoor spotlights, including twin spotlights.

The Vaccus twin spotlight with sensor is ideal for residential outdoor use as functional and security lighting. It can be wall or ceiling-mounted, is tri-colour switchable, has a hard-wearing polycarbonate body, has an adjustable sensor and comes in black and white. No electrician is required if a replacement of the same type of light needs to be fitted.

Commercial LED floodlights and Outdoor spotlights from Lawell

As a leading wholesale lighting company in Australia, Lawell Lighting has a range of commercial floodlights and residential LED spotlights to suit many applications.

For more information about floodlights and spotlights, contact Lawell Lighting’s expert team on 02 8740 8936.