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Commercial Lighting Benefits - What Customers Want to Know

Commercial Lighting Benefits - What Customers Want to Know

1st Dec 2023

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Lights

The commercial lighting market has evolved in the past decade, providing great opportunities for lighting suppliers, installers and customers. Many more options are now available in industrial lighting, with the dominance of commercial LED lighting providing greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance.

As a stockist of commercial lighting, you no doubt understand the many changes this industry has experienced over the past decade. A proliferation in types of office, car park, warehouse and factory lighting, and the emerging dominance of commercial LED lighting, has been game-changing.

These evolutions benefit you and your end consumer, and understanding and advocating them makes it easier to increase sales. So, what are the top benefits of modern-day commercial lights?

Saving energy with new industrial lights

Energy efficiency is high on the list of challenges for installing a new industrial light system. Not only does energy-efficient lighting save money, but it also saves the environment.

LED commercial lights are far more energy efficient than their predecessors, so it’s worth considering replacing outdated lighting, as the savings made on energy bills will, in many situations, cover the outlay for the new commercial lighting fittings and their installation.

Undertaking less maintenance with LED commercial lighting

Commercial LED lights last longer, so they require less maintenance, saving time, money and the environment. The longer lifespan of LED lighting applies to both the fittings and the replacement bulbs.

They generate less heat than conventional light bulbs and last much longer, saving on regular maintenance costs as well.

Improving insufficient and uneven lighting in industrial spaces

Insufficient lighting in commercial settings is a common problem caused by a lack of natural light and inadequate artificial lighting. It leads to problems for workers like eye strain, headaches and fatigue.

Uneven lighting creates shadows and glare which is visually distracting and potentially hazardous for workers, making it difficult to perform tasks. Like insufficient lighting, glare can cause eye strain, headaches and make it difficult to see visual displays.

By working with professional lighting experts who design commercial lighting systems, you will ensure you have sufficient and even lighting throughout your premises.

Eliminating the issue of poor colour rendering

Poor colour rendering can affect the aesthetics of a commercial space and create visual discomfort. Commonly, a yellow or green cast can make it difficult to create a visually appealing space.

A lack of vibrancy in colours can also be the outcome of poor colour rendering, which is particularly problematic in spaces like art galleries, museums, or retail stores, where colour is an important aspect of the design.

Here again is where LED lighting can solve problems, with many fittings having tri-colour systems built-in, allowing you to switch between Warm White, Cool White and Daylight light colour output.

Flickering & buzzing solved with LED lighting

Although it no longer applies to modern LED commercial lighting, flickering or buzzing lights can also cause visual discomfort and can signify a more serious problem like an electrical fault or hazard. It can be caused by issues like loose or damaged connections, faulty fittings or power issues.

Futureproofing industrial lighting

By choosing the latest LED technology, you can futureproof your commercial lights.

Although new technology is constantly being added to industrial lighting systems, LED is going to the be standard for many years.

A recent advance is the replacement of infrared sensors with microwave sensors. Many Lawell Lighting commercial products like the Super Sentinel Downlight and Suka Floodlight now incorporate microwave sensors because they are longer lasting, smaller, have more functions and are not affected by temperature.

Lighting solutions for commercial environments

Many of the problems that people experience with commercial lighting can be solved by installing quality commercial light fittings installed by appropriately licensed electricians who are skilled in industrial environments.

As an experienced commercial lighting wholesaler, Lawell Lighting has a broad range of commercial light fittings, including:

Commercial downlights

Commercial downlighting provides targeted illumination and is used in commercial spaces like offices and retail environments where LED Downlights are used for both ambient and task lighting purposes.

Lawell Lighting’s Super Sentinel 40W LED Downlight with Sensor and Remote Control is the latest commercial downlight in the range and includes the latest microwave sensor technology.

Commercial flood lights

Mostly seen in manufacturing facilities, commercial LED flood lights cast a strong beam of light across large spaces.

Lawell Lighting’s LED Floodlights 30w, 50w Tri-Colour IP65 come in two wattage levels and are tri-colour, meaning they can be switched between Warm White, Cool White and Daylight light colour output.

Highbay lights

LED highbays are ideal for small-scale manufacturing facilities and warehouses because they are designed for high ceilings that cover large areas.

Lawell’s advanced LED Highbay 100W, 150W, 200W 5000K IP65 comes in three wattage levels for different applications.

LED strip lights

The LED strip is an extremely versatile lighting option. Commercial-grade LED strips are designed to light large areas in industrial settings like retail spaces, events, halls, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and more.

Lawell’s Low Voltage LED Strip 10 Metre complete with Driver is suitable for many different applications and can be cut every 50 mm.

LED panel lights

The LED panel light has replaced the fluorescent lights often used in commercial applications like offices. They produce uniform, clear, and bright lighting output and distribute it evenly and efficiently throughout the space. They are also vastly more energy efficient compared to their predecessors.

Lawell’s Backlit Panel 40W Tri-Colour LED light panel is a popular choice with tri-colour switching and recessed design.

Batten lights

LED batten lights have replaced the traditional fluorescent tube light fittings often used in industrial environments like car parks, retail spaces and offices. The LED batten light is far more energy efficient and has a design.

Lawell’s T8 LED Tube Weatherproof Batten is popular for use in basement car parks, warehouses, fire stairs, commercial public spaces and industrial sites.

Bulkhead lights

Bulkhead lighting is ideal for areas where there is a higher risk of accidents, like public toilets, schools and hospitals, because it reduces shadows and provides constant bright light. They are also designed to withstand harsh environments like dust, water and even vandalism.

Lawell’s Opticum IP65 - IK10 LED Bulkhead Light is a surface-mounted weatherproof bulkhead for tough environments.

Contact Lawell Lighting about commercial lights

Lawell Lighting has the expertise and range to supply many types of commercial lights. As an experienced lighting wholesaler, the team at Lawell can provide advice about which commercial lighting solution will best suit your application.

For more information about commercial lights, call Lawell Lighting’s expert team on 02 8740 8936 or send us an  enquiry.